Torpedo Theater Agenda

  • Emma Gatrill

    zaterdag 16 september 2017
    € 10,00


    Emma Gatrill
    Emma Gatrill is a multi-instrumentalist based in Brighton, UK. Her intricate harp playing coupled with a unique vocal fragility has drawn comparisons to Björk and Joni Mitchell as well as her friends and co-conspirators Rachael Dadd and Rozi Plain.
    In her live show she augments her harp and vocal with ambient analogue synths and drum machines using foot controllers, as well as introducing accompanying guitar atmospherics from label-mate Marcus Hamblett.
    Her latest album Cocoon was released in April this year and has been described as
    “a beautiful slab of skewed folk-pop brilliance.” Line of Best Fit
    “she’s probably somewhere between the Julia Holter aurora and the Sufjan Stevens supernova — and you can trust that Gatrill’s music sounds like it’s being projected across the heavens.”    Stereogum



  • Salon des Chansons in het Nederlands

    maandag 18 september 2017
    € 10,00

    Jacques Brel

    Maandelijkse chansonavond met - in wisselende samenstelling - Nederlandse zangers van het Franse lied. Presentatie: de immer chamante CHRISTOPHE CHAPLET. Het altijd leuke praatje: PAUL ARNOLDUSSEN.

    Vandaag dus: Franse chansons in het Nederlands, of de bekende geheimen van Ronnie Potsdammer, Herman van Veen, Wim Sonneveld, Rob de Nijs, Jacques Brel, Liesbeth List, Ben Cramer, Willy Alberty etc...

    Over een bekende vertaler van chansons, Ernst van Altena: 
    Zijn opvallendste kwaliteit uit zich in zijn Nederlandse bewerkingen van Franse chansons. Hij duelleert met de Franse teksten net zolang tot hij in eigen taal een tegenhanger heeft opgebouwd, die het naar zijn eigen veeleisende smaak kan opnemen tegen 't origineel.
    (Jaap van der Merwe, '
    Nederlandse chansons'

    Met optredens van onder anderen: BRITTA MARIA, MAURITS FONDSE, MIK KRUIJSWIJK en NICO KNAPPER.

  • Theater gereserveerd

    woensdag 20 september 2017
    € 0,00

    Geen kaarten beschikbaar.

  • When Anne Frank met Rembrandt, the Amsterdam story

    vrijdag 22 september 2017
    € 10,00

    Tonight's show is cancelled because of illness. Next week new chances. Our excuses!

    Jaap Vriend

    Imagine Anne Frank would meet Rembrandt. What would they discuss? Well, why not the place where they lived: Amsterdam. It is the starting point of a sparkling one man theatre show, in which Jaap Vriend tells the intriguing story of the rise of Amsterdam.

    In the Torpedo Theatre, Amsterdam smallest but most beautiful venue, Jaap Vriend leaves the beaten track of tulips, joints and clogs. Instead he narrates the town’s most important historical moments like the miracle of Amsterdam, intertwined with the inspiring biographies of influential inhabitants such as Rembrandt, Spinoza and Anne Frank. Vriend will add a local touch through personal experiences and songs about his beloved Amsterdam. 

    In this show curious visitors or inhabitants of Amsterdam are able to travel through the Amsterdam ages, meet its world-famous celebrities and locations and learn why this world village is known as the most tolerant city in the world.

    When and Where?
    Every weekend in the Torpedo Theater. Check 

    Time: 20:30 hrs (duration 60 minutes)

    In English!

    Jaap Vriend
    Jaap Vriend is a stage performer. He is known for his attracting way of storytelling, his sense of humour and his improvisation abilities. He lives and works in Amsterdam and is fluent in English.   
    More information on

  • Theater gereserveerd

    zaterdag 23 september 2017
    € 0,00

    Geen kaarten beschikbaar.

  • Theater gereserveerd

    zondag 24 september 2017
    € 0,00

    Opname videoclip. Geen kaarten beschikbaar.

  • Folk & Indie

    maandag 25 september 2017
    € 7,50

    Folk & Indie september