Torpedo Theater voorstelling

Mr. Awkward Show

zaterdag 25 maart 2017
€ 5,00

Mr. Awkward

ANTON LYNGDAL (Reykjavik, 1983) is studying in the Large Glass Department at the Rietveld Academy. He is going to be freestyle rapping over synthesized beats made by ROBERT RIPHAGEN, as part of a band called MadLab. This is the first performance of the MadLab band, and the entire show will be improvised. The style of the beats will be old-school trap, a mixture of new-wave hip-hop and experimental synthesized sounds. Anton is going to be performing as his character Mr. Awkward, who is his alter ego. The Characteristics of Mr. Awkward: misunderstood, weird, silly, funny, straightforward, mysterious, and capable of showing every emotion. Mr. Awkward is trying to be a professional rapper, however now his attitude has changed more towards making ‘funny’ rap, and singing in different languages. Mr. Awkward tries to exert a certain standard of professionalism with everything he does. However mistakes do occur and tend to become part of a the performances, creating a funny tension between professionalism and natural behavior. Alongside the musical performance there will be video screenings of works that Anton has created, called My Mountains, and the 1st Episode of the Mr. Awkward show. The approximate duration of the show will be between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. The videos will be screened first, and the performance will follow as an extra kicker.