Torpedo Theater voorstelling

Performance: Mavi Veloso - Quase Show

maandag 10 april 2017
€ 5,00

Quase Show

Quase Show is a musical performance intertwining dance theater sketches with original tracks and some covers (Grace Jones, Hercules & Love Affair, Jessica 6, Mark Ronson & Business Intl etc). Project conceived with Caio and Mavi in Brussels, later on joining with Gabi Vazetta and Maria Tereza Próspero in São Paulo. Now Mavi assumes temporarily in solo some tours in Amsterdam.

Quase Show is part of project being created around subjects of migration (from Brazil to Europe, the demands to assimilation of culture, social civic integration procedures and policies within european countrie), transits and mutations in the body (so called feminization hormone therapy with estrogen, progesterone, anti androgens, and appropriation of diverse gender and identity technologies).

Mavi Veloso was born in 1985 in Pacaembu in State of São Paulo, Brazil, currently lives in Amsterdam. Works transdisciplinary in different practices such as performance, dance, theatre, film, music, visual arts, trans, drag, queer, fashion and graphic design. Studied dance, theatre, music and circus through varied formal and informal training processes.