Torpedo Theater voorstelling


vrijdag 9 maart 2018
€ 8,00

Rowan Coupland

Rowan Coupland is a singer, harpist, and guitarist who emerged out of Brighton’s thriving alternative scene. Time Out London called him ´thoroughly beguiling neofolk´ and after gracing stages such as London´s Union Chapel, he has taken his poetic and knotty compositions all over the world, from warehouses on Canada´s West Coast, to Italian rooftops and village halls on Danish islands.

Hollering and stomping, cooing and thrumming through his songs of nostalgia, vivid landscapes and city night skies, and influenced by modernist poetry, choral music and traditional song, he sounds like a cross between Little Richard and Nick Drake, with fingerpicking casting strange shapes on the ceiling.

He currently resides in Berlin, where he released his 3rd album, Circuit- a collaborative work with Vancouver-based artist Eva Dominelli, and featuring contributions from Martha Rose, Sr. Charli, and Emperor X.

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