Torpedo Theater voorstelling

Het Muziek Collectief - UITVERKOCHT

donderdag 25 oktober 2018
€ 10,00


An amp, a mic, some guitars and a cajon. That’s all there was to create an amazing jam on the fourth floor of an apartment in Amsterdam West. Soon more and more musicians and music lovers came together on the carpet for some improv, leading to two successful Kinky Acoustics rooftop sessions. What started of as a group of enthusiastic people jamming and sharing their own music, recently became a collective of beautiful souls connecting and inspiring each other through music.

Het Muziek Collectief is a collection of musicians based in Amsterdam. Styles go in all directions, from singer songwriter, to jazz and Brazilian vibes. Improvising and adding new layers to what is already there. 


Charmaine Rae Charles is a Zimbabwean singer songwriter and talented artist, who brings a combination of soulful vocals, bouncy reggae vibrations and provoking spoken word. Good times await. 


JARA writes beautiful, imaginative songs with heartbreaking lyrics. Raised on the music of folk and pop heroes from the '60-ies and '70-ies, she weaves alternate tunings, twisting chord changes and melodies reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and CSNY into her own, very personal songs of farewell. Traveling up and down to Berlin she recorded her debut album with musician and producer Aaron  Ahrends (Say Yes Dog, Fil Bo Riva) that is expected to come out in 2018. 
VIDEO LOST YOUR NUMBER (Sofar - acoustic session)
VIDEO MOVING ME (official  video)