Torpedo Theater voorstelling

Two Tales One Song by Frank Sheppard and Floris Nielen

vrijdag 2 oktober 2020
€ 10,00

Frank Sheppard

Two Tales One Song is a spoken word musical performance with poetry and lyrics by Frank Sheppard and music by Floris Nielen.
Stories of being in the worst of times, stories of being in the best of times. Stories of the past and of the present taking you on a journey from A to Z.
'Adam being civil deserted Eve for goodness', 'Acid brat comrades destroying everything'.
With two voices and a guitar, the songs , the lyrics, prose and poetry create a novel.
Frank Sheppard is an award winning performer in theatre, film and music.
Floris Nielen is an experienced musician and producer.
The performance has a running time of 75 minutes. 

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