Torpedo Theater voorstelling


vrijdag 7 februari 2020
€ 10,00


Anaphora is an international trio whose members met during their studies at CODARTS, the Rotterdam conservatory. The band is made up by piano (Filippo Deorsola), drums (Ap Verhoeven) and bass (Jonathan Ho-Chin Kiat).
With a process akin to democracy, Anaphora operates the power and responsibility of choice in a musical context. Within free and formal improvisation, though never aleatory, the group emulates the ageless process it believes should operate both in musical and non-musical interactions. And through listening, accepting and refusing, mutual respect and self-respect and most of all, empathy, Anaphora will aim to create music that is a mirror of themselves at that specific moment.Through art and different approaches on art , Anaphora aims to create an offering of its music and itself to the public. How can music convey deeper insight into the human and natural world? With a --sometimes ironic-- introspection of itself, Anaphora sets itself to answer these questions through original compositions and arrangements heavily influenced by free jazz and modern classical music.
Filippo DEORSOLA (piano)
Ap VERHOEVEN (drums)
Jonathan HO-CHIN KIAT (bass)

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