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When Anne Frank met Rembrandt, the Amsterdam Story - via ZOOM

vrijdag 5 juni 2020
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(Fotographer: Remco Mastenbroek)

Imagine Anne Frank would meet Rembrandt. What would they discuss? Well, why not the place where they lived: Amsterdam. It is the starting point of a sparkling one man theatre show, in which Jaap Vriend tells the intriguing story of the rise of Amsterdam.

In the Torpedo Theatre, Amsterdam smallest but most beautiful venue, Jaap Vriend leaves the beaten track of tulips, joints and clogs. Instead he narrates the town's most important historical moments like the miracle of Amsterdam, intertwined with the inspiring biographies of influential inhabitants such as Rembrandt, Spinoza and Anne Frank. Vriend will add a local touch through personal experiences and songs about his beloved Amsterdam.

In this show curious visitors or inhabitants of Amsterdam are able to travel through the Amsterdam ages, meet its world-famous celebrities and locations and learn why this world village is known as the most tolerant city in the world.

Duration 60 minutes. In English.

Jaap Vriend
Jaap Vriend is a stage performer. He is known for his attracting way of storytelling, his sense of humour and his improvisation abilities. He lives and works in Amsterdam and is fluent in English.

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Some reviews:

Fantastic performance. Very intelligently written piece, original and creative! Would highly recommend it. Tati from Ireland

The stories about the city that surrounds you gave us the chance to experience the city from a new angle. We can warmly recommend visiting Jaap's funny, entertaining and informative show. Torsten from Germany

We really enjoyed Jaap's show! The atmosphere in the theatre with live piano music is really great! Recommended to everyone who wants to spend a nice night out and who wants to learn more about Amsterdam. Pato from Argentina

Wonderful, fun, informative show and a unique experience in the heart of Amsterdam! Highly recommend! Kate from the United States